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Why reincarnation therapy is so powerful - and will it help you in your situation right now?

In today’s episode I will be answering a few questions about past life regressions and reincarnation therapy I get asked a lot. If you ever thought about doing a past life regression this episode will help you make a better choice of whether past life regression and reincarnation therapy would help you to improve the quality of your life tremendously.

1. How does reincarnation therapy work?

2. Will regression therapy be beneficial for you if you don’t believe in reincarnation?

3. How many therapy sessions do you need to sit through?

4. How do you handle the memories that surface during reincarnation therapy?

5. What to expect after therapy, the effect of therapy on your memories?

In this episode, I will discuss –


  • How regression therapy reprograms your subconscious beliefs which are responsible for your everyday experiences, feelings, emotions and thoughts.

  • Some unconscious beliefs are installed so deeply, you believe it is normal and may believe everyone perceives the world with the same filters as you.

  • The sources of unconscious beliefs

  • Achieving a different level of perception through reincarnation therapy

  • The use of hypnosis in reincarnation therapy; and drawbacks of letting your natural guard down

  • Therapy should help you work with the memories that you remember to benefit form them.

  • The importance of finding a clairvoyant and experienced therapist, who has the skills to end a therapy session appropriately. He will help you to forgive, to let go old feelings and recover the parts of your soul that you have left in a past life.

  • Rules of a good reincarnation therapy, the use of hypnoses in reincarnation therapy, dealing with past memories and recovering the parts of your soul from a past life.

  • A description of a therapy sessions along with reasons you should try reincarnation therapy.

  • My personal experiences with reincarnations therapy, I describe when they’ve worked for me and when they haven’t.

  • You can also find out the number of therapy sessions I recommend, to deal with each aspect of your life.

  • The episode will walk you through the process of identifying individual aspects that will require separate therapy sessions.

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