Are you unsure how to avoid a bad experience during past life regression therapy?

Use this FREE Checklist to make sure you

- find a highly qualified therapist

- leave your past life regression session with a great outcome + feeling well

- learn the #1 mistake most past life regression therapist make +

how to make sure you don´t end up with one of those!


- choose a therapist that works for your LONGTERM wellbeing


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"This checklist has been really valuable for me and finally helped me to switch from a "not so great" to an awesome therapist - and therefore has increased the quality of my life dramatically.

Get you hands on this checklist now before Sarah decides to charge money for it!"


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"Sarah has really helped me make a clear choice of who i want to work with - i never thought that when choosing a past life regression therapist there is so much you need to know BEFORE to not  be surprised in a very unpleasant way. "

Margaret*, Germany 

*Name and picture may be changed for privacy reasons.

"I created this checklist for you because i DID have terrible experiences when i first started getting into past life regression therapy.

Simply because i had no clue how to "KNOW" if a therapist is qualified or not.

I don´t want you to have to experience the same because it felt awful!"

Sarah Jasmin Cartsburg

B.A. ofAlternative System of medicine &

host of the magic power podcast 

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