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Are you an Indigo-Child without knowing so?

Listen to the Podcast Episode:

Welcome back to another episode of the Magic Power Podcast! I’m your host Sarah Jasmin Cartsburg and today’s episode if you have children that you feel are special. This episode is also for you if you have different views than others.

I want to talk about Indigo children and crystal children. These are born with the drive to understand the nature of things. A lot of these children have special gifts, such as seeing spirits, feeling the feelings of other people and reading other people’s minds. A lot of these children have a connection with outer space. What are they?

In this episode, I talk about -

  • How I was introduced to these terms, my journey of realising I was an Indigo child.

  • The challenges faced by indigo and crystal children in school, and how it affects them emotionally and mentally. The right kinds of support these children need.

  • The importance of making these children feel accepted and making them aware of their special gifts.

  • My personal story with raising clairvoyant children, realising my children possess special gifts.

  • Giving the children the opportunity to experience all aspects of their soul and all parts of his life.

  • Harbouring and encouraging the children’s interests.

  • Supporting your children live their interests, giving them the time, passion and space to explore their interests,

  • Allowing yourself the space to be who you are. Stop trying to be who everyone else around you expect you to be, accepting you’re not like everyone else and your kids are not like your friends.

It’s beautiful that we are all different, trying to be like others and wanting to feel belonged is human nature. Don’t be afraid to talk about your interests, be true to yourself, and find people you belong with.

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