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Archangel Haniels message for you 


"Open and expand your heart to allow me to connect with you.

Call upon me and ask for help whenever you need it, whether it is emotional heart pain, lovesickness or anything like that.

I help you to accept and love yourself as you are and to feel free – free of pain, disappointment and other limitations that make you feel that you are not worth being loved.

Open your soul to me – so that more love can now take place in your life.

Thank you for wanting to be an expression of my love now.

Everything is love – even if you are not always recognizing this.

Every obstacle, every blockage and every pain exists to further evolve.

Rest assured, that everything happens for your best, even if you cannot see it at the moment.

I am here to help you open your heart to the deeper truth and love behind certain things."

How can you best connect with Haniel to help you with the above?

Answer from Sarah - the creator of this quiz and the Magic Power Podcast:

"It is important to know that your spirits are always there waiting to help you and support you.

It is their job to help you but they are only allowed to step into your life and help you if you ask them to do so! This is crucial.

The universal laws state that the spirits or helpers from the light (I prefer to call the lighthelpers:-) are only allowed to help you if you ask them to do so because of your free will.

The only exception i know of are the guardian angels.

This works even if you can't see your spirits and even if you don't believe in them.


It is simply enough to connect with them and ask them for help.

You can do this internally, just in your mind, or you can visualize them. It doesn't really matter.

Find a way that works for you.


The only thing you really have to do is to consciously ask them to help you.

(Hint: it does help if you know who you want to ask for help)

So in your case, you would sit down, close your eyes, and say, "El Morya, please come and help me solve (fill in your specific challenge or problem) problem."


If you don't want to address a specific problem, you can also just say, "Please help me now in a way that is best for me."


It really is that easy.


The only thing you have to do is to remember to ask them for help.

Trust me, your life will get better if you do this regularly.

They do their job so perfectly, even more perfect than any human could help you.

They are amazing:-) (Did i mention i love my lighthelpers? They are like best friends to me....)

Since I work together with the spirit world, my life has changed tremendously. And I really created this podcast and my work  to help you reach the same in your life - because it's so easy once you know how to do it!

Enjoy working with your spirits and have fun doing so!"



Recommended next action steps for you based on your quiz result:

1. During the next few days connect consciously with Haniel at least once per day and send out gratitude to him (actually, he is probably not having a gender, but i find it helpful to imagine him as a male:-) for helping you.

2. Download your FREE and awesome meditation "Heal your heart and forgive"  that will help you

- heal all the old wounds you are carrying around with you

- and  free you from resentment and anger more quickly and easily than you ever thought possible.

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