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"It is your mind that creates this world."

Siddharta Gautama (aka Buddha)

Hello, I am Sarah,

Spiritual wanderer of the world, teacher for awakening your spirit and soul, psychic and mother of two wonderful children.


I am here to help you

  • find your true purpose

  • reconnect to your soul (and to understand what it is trying to tell you)

  • remove everything that keeps you from following your heart

  • live the life, you’re supposed to live

With all of your heart. Without a doubt, no matter what.


You can find out HERE how exactly I can help.


If you found my site, you are one of the ones searching for something “more”.

A spiritual human being of the new time.

Deep inside you, you can feel that your life – as it is right now – can’t be everything.

There has to be more to it.

More purpose. More depth. More “spiritual” experiences and encounters.

And you are right!

It’s not a coincidence, that you found this website.


I am convinced that the earth is going through a change in consciousness.

And every single one of us – including YOU – is a part of it.

But we can only do it, if we work together. We need YOU!

It’s time to wake up.

It’s time to follow your heart.


The new earth needs you now!


How do I know it needs YOU?!?

I am so honored that you found my site and read until the end of this text -  

because it shows to me, that you are truly ready to wake up to who you really are!

And the world needs more people like you who are open to change the world from inside out.

Let´s do this - together!

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In a nutshell:

I am here to help you realize

what your purpose in life is and how you can follow it. Easily. Now.

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"Sarahs News are just really special!

I don´t know where she gets it from, or maybe it´s one of her magic gifts, but the News just always seem to arrive in my inbox at the exact moment when I need them the most.

It´s like she could read my mind about what Information I need next to grow further and help me with my internal and external struggles- and sometimes she even knows it better than myself!"


"Sarahs Newsletter and Podcast are just awesome!

She gives me so much great information, that not only inspires me but is also well reaserched.

Plus, she NEVER sends any spam but only infos that are truly relevant to me, so you don´t feel overwhelmed by getting an e-mail everyday."


Discover your destiny. 
Activate your true potential. 
Let´s change the world from inside out - together.
Become the highest light version of yourself.
Become who you were meant to be.
Release what´s stopping you.
Follow your true calling  - I´ll show you how!
Yours, Sarah Jasmin Cartsburg
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